Setting the dance floors on fire all over.
Either experimenting with noise, as a selecta or deejaying in parties.

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Hi, I’m originally from Portugal and I live for some years in Germany, more recently I moved to the exciting Leipzig.

My adventure with music started early and the first record I bought, after being convinced by the shop owner, was Past Masters Vol. I & II from The Beatles and I’m so happy to be very far away from that now.

I started deejaying, using cd’s, in my student days as part of several DJ collectives and rocking the bars and smaller clubs of the region with a very eclectic choice of music that would make people either dance, jump, mosh, or destroy the toilets.

In 2007 I decided to move out of Portugal and check other places and sold my small vinyl record collection to make some money for the adventure.

After a month in Barcelona, I landed in Amsterdam and lived there for 7 years and had the luck thanks to Alex Figueira from Fumaça Preta (among other very cool projects) to work in Paradiso Amsterdam, being in direct contact with music and musicians from all over the World. At the same time, I was doing some gigs as a freelance graphic designer and collaborated with some exciting music labels.

Turns out things weren’t working out in Amsterdam as I wished for, and despite a very tempting offer to learn and work in a Tattoo Parlour, I decided to move to fucking Hildesheim.
And for incredible it may sound it was right there that the flame of deejaying was slowly reignited after witnessing some great parties from the Hi Town Soul collective.

It didn’t take long for me to invest in a couple of turntables, a mixer, and other gear, buying records and starting to practice At the time the motivation, tips, and enthusiasm shown to me by Claas Sandbothe aka Spoonman DJ were essential and I slowly started to get some invitations to DJ.

Things were starting to look promising but were interrupted because the most amazing thing happened, I became a father. And then short after the pandemic knocked at our doors and suddenly there were no parties either to go to or to deejay to.

A couple of successful Live Streams later and after a small break to move to Leipzig, I’m looking forward to further developments, challenges, and parties…


* This bio is currently being edited…

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